Research Areas

Research is conducted on a variety of levels; ranging from proprietary research for race teams to projects with the Department of Energy and undergraduate research. UNC Charlotte is well-suited to address the needs of the racing industry, with established procedures for nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements. Our strengths and research interests include areas such as:

Areas of Research

5 core faculty who research in the following topics:

  1. Alternative Propulsion Systems
  2. Aerodynamics and Fluids
  3. Dynamics and Stability

Over 20 Faculty that collaborate from 3 Colleges:

  • Biology, Civil Engineering, Electrical  Engineering, Engineering Technology, Chemistry
  • Currently 95 Undergraduates and 22 Graduates are in the Motorsports program

Motorsports Engineering has the capability to conduct research in the following areas:

  • Advanced Coordinate Metrology
  • Advanced Powertrain
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • Advanced Surface Metrology
  • Bearing Design and Lubrication
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational Methods in Engineering
  • Conduction Heat Transfer
  • Convection Heat Transfer
  • Deformation and Fracture of Materials
  • Engineering Metrology
  • Experimental Stress Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis and Applications
  • Fundamentals of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  • Mechanical Design
  • Mechanism Analysis
  • Mechanism Synthesis
  • Theory of Elasticity
  • Tribology
  • Vibrations of Continuous System