Hands-On Learning

Students participate on teams within the program to design and build teams such as Formula SAE both in the IC (internal combustion) and EV (electric vehicle). Students typically drive the cars on these teams, and tryouts are held for the fastest and best-skilled drivers.

Currently Available



Formula SAE is a student designed, built, and raced car. Students take extensive test data, design new cars, and build and test them at local wind tunnels, kinematics rigs, and autocross events. Our team also goes to national competitions to compete against other engineering schools. Visit the team website.

Testing Equipment Available to Students

Students use equipment similar to that found in professional shops such as engine dyno, chassis dyno, shock dyno, scales, data acquisition and rapid prototyping.


  • CAD software for mechanical drawings of vehicles
  • Finite Element Analysis software for designing components, examining failure modes, etc
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics software for simulating aerodynamic forces on the car.
  • Dynamics and Kinematics software packages for simulating vehicle dynamics