Undergraduate Programs

Once a student enrolls in the Mechanical Engineering program at UNC Charlotte, they can start working in the Kulwicki Lab and learn about the different teams and projects that go on in the shop. After successful completion of their freshman year, Mechanical Engineering students may apply for admission into the Motorsports Engineering concentration. As sophomores, students accepted into the program enroll in Intro to Motorsports Engineering, where an increased emphasis is placed on applied automotive engineering education.

During their junior and senior years, Motorsports Engineering students begin a heavier concentration in automotive studies. All technical electives are taken from a list of motorsports engineering courses. They can be chosen to work on the Formula SAE teams, which involve research, design, build, testing and racing the cars. Senior Design I and II involve motorsports projects and research (usually on the Formula SAE car).

Current Motorsports Courses Include:

  • Automotive Power Plants
  • Advanced Automotive Power Plans
  • Applied Vehicle Aerodynamics
  • Automotive Powertrain Lab
  • Road Vehicle Dynamics
  • Advanced Experimental Methods
  • Motorsports Instrumentation
  • Tire Mechanics
  • Intro to Motorsports Engineering
  • Senior Design I and II